Half-hour TV comedy, co-written with Stephanie Krikorian

Struggling to keep her head above water in the harsh new economy, deep-in-debt Penny Slater scrambles to land a job as the super of a gentrified Harlem apartment building—a gig that comes with a basement apartment and a skimpy salary. Utterly unqualified, Penny learns that while she may not excel at building maintenance, she’s a champ at sorting out the dramas of the building’s zany residents. If only there wasn’t that daily tug of war between her dignity and her bottom line…

The Super is a dark comedy about forging a life in the city in today’s shaky economy. Centering on one desperate but determined woman’s spiraling life, it places an edgy Girls-style NYC-set ensemble inside the blue collar/white collar collision of One Day at a Time, with flashes of Kimmy Schmidt fizz. The show authentically but slyly explores the constantly shifting lines between the haves and have-nots as Penny and the other characters scramble to recalibrate their ideals in the face of a stark new financial reality, while the goal of “getting ahead” downshifts into “just getting by.” Like a big-city twist on Gilligan’s Island, Manhattan strands these marooned souls—and Penny’s always hatching escape plans that just don’t pan out. She’s a screw-up who never gives up, and her resilient spirit and ironic sense of humor keep us forever rooting for her.

Available for development.