“A frothy little musical about murder and brainwashing. Scratch the heavily made-up surface … and you’ll find the troubled, oddly compassionate soul that was always at the core of the work of such first-rate camp artists as Charles Ludlam.”
Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Whip smart… A brilliant, pop-referenced comedy hit.” — Paper Magazine              “Inspired!” — The Village Voice

 “A fairy tale production that achieves a level of social commentary which plays today so rarely find. Go—and take your favorite ’70s-phile with you!”  Washington Square News

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.29.35 AMSatirizing the strange preponderance of figures named Charlie in the 1970s, this wacky comedy brings together Charlie’s Angels, Revlon’s Charlie perfume, Charlie from Flowers for Algernon, and even Charlie the Tuna. The story follows three angelic crime-fighting beauties as they infiltrate a cosmetics company on a mission for their mysterious boss—who just happens to be Charlie Manson.

The play was subsequently adapted into a film (screenplay by Erik Forrest Jackson) that premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Produced by Theatre Couture at P.S. 122
Directed by Joshua Rosenzweig

Sherry Vine, Candis Cayne, Misstress Formika, Justin Vivian Bond, Joey Gross, David Steinberg, Charles Darden. Lina Bradford joined the cast when the show transferred to HERE

Set and lights by Kevin Adams, puppets by Basil Twist, original song by Paul Gordon

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