Flames.compressed“Joyously on target… Perfectly played! The story’s big prom-night finish has never been more fun… Clearly, Stephen King has a wonderfully warped sense of humor to have approved this new adaptation of his novel.” — The New York Times

“Irresistible!” — The New Yorker                     “Fun and breezy!” — The Associated Press 

“Reinvents the classic Stephen King horror story as splatter-comedy camp… exuberantly over-the-top from start to finish… If you’re looking for laughs, Carrie delivers the goods!”
The Villager

“Masterful… one of the most enjoyable and affecting theatrical events of the season… There are lines of people waiting for cancellations every night, so I strongly suggest you don’t hesitate to book tickets (although if there is any justice in the universe, the show will be extended). Run to catch this one!” — Edge New York

“Just when you think they’ve milked everything they can out of Carrie, the troupe does something else to make you smile, groan, or laugh your head off.” — Theatermania

You may think you know Carrie White from Stephen King’s worldwide best-selling novel. But you’ve never seen her like playwright Erik Jackson sees her, in his outrageous and surprisingly poignant new adaptation of the horror classic.

Poor Carrie. At home she’s abused by her religious fanatic mother. At school, she’s the butt of every joke. And to top it all off, she just got her very first period in the locker room showers—during first period, if you can believe it. Her nasty classmates, including the beautiful but brutal Christine Hargensen, think they have the upper hand—until Carrie’s ability to move objects using her mind makes the dream-come-true prom night a total nightmare!

Produced by Theatre Couture at P.S. 122
Directed by Joshua Rosenzweig

Sherry Vine aka Keith Levy, Kate Goehring, Keri Meoni, Kathy Searle, Rafi Silver, Matt Wilkas, Marnye Young, David Ilku and Danielle Skraastad

Set design by Tobin Ost, puppetry & special effects by Basil Twist, costumes by David Moyer, lighting by Paul Hackenmueller. Original music and sound design created by Robert Kaplowitz

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