“Faithfully plotted but boisterously indecent. Abounds with jokes, sight gags and double entendres.
If Ibsen’s rolling over in his grave, it’s only to get a better view of this jocular A Doll’s House update.” — Citysearch

 “Hilarious… inspired… irreverent… the most inspired comedy of the season.” — The New York Blade

“Maximum laughs… Infectious… This generation’s natural successors
of Charles Ludlam’s Theater of the Ridiculous.” — Time Out New York

“A breezy new spoof.” — The New York Post                  “Hip and hilarious!” — The Advocate

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“It’s Christmas eve 1879, and poor Nora is just back from the outlet mall with gifts for her sexist pig husband, Torvald, and their Satan-worshipping progeny. Nora looks smashing in that sequined red number and the matching eyeliner, but Torvald isn’t at all happy with the GI Joe doll she’s brought home for their daughter, Nellie. Well, the women’s movement is a hundred years away, after all, and Henrick Ibsen’s classic heroine has bigger fish to fry this Christmas—namely, keeping as much distance as she can between Torvald and Krogstad, another Norwegian with an unpronounceable name and a deep, dark, ugly, icky-poo secret to spill. It seems Nora knew him when—when being those years in Amsterdam, where Nora was an inept hooker and Krogstad her pimp. The loud thump you hear is indeed Ibsen rolling over in his grave—the cue is written into the script…which is ‘freely adapted with apologies’ from Ibsen. But really, this parody needs no apologies. It’s 90 minutes of high-octane salaciousness, riddled with anachronisms, cheesy jokes and running gags. Jackson makes points about the imbalance of power in traditional relationships, but we’re not here for consciousness-raising. We’re here to laugh ourselves sick.”  — The Washington Post

Produced by Theatre Couture at P.S. 122
Directed by Joshua Rosenzweig

Sherry Vine, Candis Cayne, Mario Diaz and David Ilku

Sets and lighting by Kevin Adams, costumed by David Dalrymple, puppetry by Basil Twist

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